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Digital Name Cards vs NFC Name Cards

Digital Name Cards vs NFC Name Cards

Business cards, let’s face it, are a pain to deal with. They are expensive, difficult to maintain, and, thanks to Covid-19, they are probably accumulating dust in your desk drawer. There are two rising trends as substitutes for traditional business cards now – Near-Field Communication (NFC) and Digital Business Cards.

While they are conceptually similar, there are a few important characteristics that set them apart. If you use an NFC business card, you will need a physical card with an NFC tag. Most importantly, you must be in close proximity to the individual you are sharing with.

Digital business cards (URL Links, QR Codes), on the other hand, are relatively cheaper. You’ll never have to worry about leaving your NFC or traditional business cards at home because with a digital one, you can share it with anyone, anywhere, as long as you have your phone.

NO More Physical Cards

Have you ever tried to offer someone your business cards only to realize you forgot to bring or have ran out? While NFC Business Cards may appear to be hassle-free, the reality is that you still need to CARRY it at all times.

One of the main benefits of digital business cards is that you can view your virtual card whenever you have your phone/device with you. Let’s face it, when was actually the last time you left home without your phone?

Multiple Ways of Sharing

For some, NFC’s tap-and-go technology is a bonus. While NFC cards may be more convenient than paper business cards for in-person networking, they are impossible when networking virtually.

In the post Covid-19 world, digital business cards are the future of networking. You can send your digital business cards to anyone worldwide, even if they do not have the app. You can distribute it by scanning the unique QR code, emailing, texting link to someone, airdropping it, posting the link on social media, and many more.

Digital is More Eco-friendly

Every sort of tangible business card has an unmistakable environmental cost. Not only is there waste from the resources used to produce the physical card, but there is also the environmental impact of transportation.

Digital business cards are environmentally friendly since they produce no waste and do not use any fossil fuel for production. Even large corporations are beginning to use digital business cards for their staff.