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Digital Name Card

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Not limited to space anymore, see how our Digital Name Card stores all the information!

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Fret not, here are some samples that we have designed throughout the years. Establish your personal profile with Tricove, whether for commercial, online, or social objectives.

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How It Works

Create Your Digitalcard

Contact us to start crafting your digital business card. Choose a design from our sample page, and we will customise it to fit your company’s branding and specific requirements. In addition, we will provide you with a spreadsheet that allows you to input your company information, such as job titles, phone numbers, and email addresses.

Save To Your Device

Once we’re done seting up your Digital Name Cards, we will send the link to your card. We encourage our users to save the card to the home screen of their mobile device so it’s accessible anywhere and can easily be shared with others.

Here are instructions on how to save to the home screen for iOS and Android:

Share Your Card

Whenever you want to share your Digital Name Card with someone, you can use one of the methods:
  • Click on the “Share” button on your card and choose from any of the sharing methods available (SMS, WhatsApp, Email and Facebook)
  • Copy the link to your Digital Name Card and share it just like any other webpage
  • Share by scanning the QR Code on your card

Our Samples

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