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Why Digital?

With the growth of digitalization and technology, the world is changing at an exponential rate. Almost everything we do in our daily lives is simplified by technological advancements. With the Covid-19 pandemic, we get to experience and understand the importance of technology and the digital world while being cooped up at home.

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Benefits of Digital Name Cards


Help save the earth by reducing the number of trees being chopped down.

100% Contactless

Share your digital card without any physical interaction.


Allow more customization of colours, designs and templates.

More Information

Permit unlimited images, videos and hyperlinks to website.

Save Money

Allow unlimited sharing of cards and easy editing of information.


Never forget or run out of cards again. Accessible worldwide with internet.

Features of Digital Name Cards

Interactive Buttons

Every actions is just a click away.

Multiple Forms of Sharing

Various modes of sharing and impressing your friends with your unique digital name card.

Media Attachment

Showcase your visual collaterals to the world with one touch.


With endless links included in your digital card, you can show off more of yourself.