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Guide to Digital Name Card 2021

Guide to Digital Name Card 2021

Perhaps the extremely contagious coronavirus pandemic accelerated this trend, but an increased reliance on technology as a means of communication is changing rapidly. Working from home, online networking, and virtual events became prevalent in 2021 due to the pandemic that caused worldwide panic. Naturally, this necessitated the development of a virtual method for exchanging contact information.

Despite the fact that paper business cards have been around for decades, exchanging one piece of paper for another has gradually become outdated in today’s context. A burgeoning favorite, otherwise known as the digital business card, has taken its place.

What is a Digital Name Card?

You’ve probably had enough of reading the term “Digital Name Card” thus far and are probably wondering what one is. A digital name card is a way to convey contact information over the internet. It can be showcased on any electronic device and is often less expensive than traditional business cards. It can be exchanged and customized much like a traditional name card, but it has more features than ever before!

You never have to worry about running out of space with digital cards as you may include as much information as you like. That’s not the end of the list! In addition to the conventional contact information, you may include a photo or video, a logo, social network profiles, and more to your card in addition to the standard contact information (including your name, company, email, and phone number). Have you ever seen these features on a physical card?

Definitely not! Which makes digital cards all the more unique!

While there are numerous digital business card companies to choose from when starting your digital name card journey, you must carefully choose the one that best meets your needs.

Here at Tricove, we specialize in creating the ideal solution for your perfect self-introduction. Be rest assured by our in-house designers as they help you build your very own digital name cards with a profile, layout, and information that are all tailored to your company or brand. You can have an all-in-one card for your work, clients, customers, or even your personal purposes, with the important information. Allow us to create your personalized digital cards and share them with anyone, at any time, from anywhere!

Reasons to go Digitalised?
1. Eco-friendly

In today’s world, sustainability is becoming a crucial aspect for businesses and consumers across all industries. According to a study, 88% of business cards are thrown out in less than a week, which means that nearly 8 billion of the cards we print each year painstakingly goes to waste. Isn’t it dispiriting to realize that all the money you’ve put into something is just going down the drain? Therefore, it is not too late to do your part in conserving the environment by switching to the digital version.

2. Affordable

Digital name cards are often less expensive than conventional name cards. It’s pointless to spend hundreds of dollars a year on paper cards that will be thrown away in a snap. This makes digital name cards cost-effective, especially when the data on the card needs to be updated. Think about it, doesn’t it sound ridiculous for you to produce a new set of paper cards just for you to tweak one small piece of information?

3. 100% Contactless

Despite the fact that paper business cards have existed for generations, they will undoubtedly become obsolete in the COVID-19 world. Receiving a germ-infested object from an unknown source is almost certainly the biggest fear given the current situation. Face-to-face networking is minimized due to social distancing measures while virtual networking has surged in popularity. During a Microsoft Teams or Zoom meet, simply paste your URL or QR code for anyone to scan and have quick access to your digital card, making it 100% contactless and safe.

4. More Information Stored

One personal favourite about digital name cards is that you can include as much or as little information as you like. Switch to digital name cards and you’ll never run out of space again! Never feel confined to include all your information like location, phone number, website URL, and so on. That’s not it…spruce up your name cards and wow your clients by showcasing your works in the form of media attachments such as videos, sign-up forms, and surveys!

5. Ease of Sharing

Digital name cards provide a more modern approach to networking. Name a more convenient way of exchanging name cards than from the comfort of your own home or office? Make the switch to a digital name card today, and you will know what we mean!

6. Save to Contacts Conveniently

Avoid the hassle of manually entering contact information anymore to add them to your contacts. Say hello to the “Save to Contact” function on digital name cards, which allows you to save contacts without having to do anything more!

Ever miss those pre-pandemic days where everything was more carefree? Well, adaptation is key to survival in this pandemic world with the help of digitalization.