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How Covid-19 has impacted our industry?

How Covid-19 has impacted our industry?

Can you recall the last time you went to a conference or seminar without needing to adhere to any of the safe distancing measurements? Seems like ages ago, doesn’t it? The pandemic, or as we now call it, the new “norm”, has significantly changed the ways we connect with others and go about our daily lives. The phrases “please maintain a 1 meter social distance”, “please keep your masks on”, and “please avoid intermingling” are what we commonly hear at social gatherings now, and who knows when the situation will improve and we may return to our “old norm”?

Thanks to modern technology, here at Tricove, we are able to adapt to the new changes that are constantly happening. Here are just three ways we have upped the bar with our digital name cards!

Completely Contactless

The fear of contracting Covid-19 has caused the world to go contactless. You may now get a potential client’s business card by scanning a QR code, similar to how you can use PayWave to pay for purchases quickly. When someone launches their digital business card sharing feature, all you have to do is scan their QR code and save! The employee’s name, title, and contact information will then be added to your phone as a contact.

That’s not it! Near Field Communication (NFC) is another cool way to share. By providing your contact details with a single tap, you can make a good first impression while also being kind to nature. Wish to keep track of the data on how well your name card is doing? NFC has you covered – providing real-time data and link tracking to help you enhance your profile, as well as the ability to convert meetings into leads!

Virtual Background for Online Meetings

Since Covid-19 struck the world, an hour commute to work has become less than a minute. From your bed to your desk, from pondering about what to wear for the entire week, our lives have been made easier by merely bothering about what you are going to wear on top, and we have all been blessed with at least extra two hours of sleep, finally. All of these are awesome perks of working from home (WFH), but how can you get the most out of your WFH experience with our digital name cards?

Maintain your professionalism by simply setting up your Zoom or Microsoft Teams virtual background as your digital name cards, allowing the QR code to display on the right. What better way to make a good first impression during meetings than having your clients easily scan your QR code with their mobile phones to view your digital name cards?

More Customization

Our digital name cards go above and beyond what we see on a regular basis. We have updated our digital name cards to provide you with a richer experience for the amount you pay. Here are a few of the new fields we have added in the last few months to help you elevate your digital business card amidst the pandemic:

  • Unlimited sharing
  • Click to call
  • Link to Telegram, WeChat, WhatsApp
  • Send an email
  • Save to phone contact
  • Google navigate to address
  • Feature a video presentation
  • Download brochures or PDF
  • Make Online Payment
  • Hyperlink to Website
  • Custom Design Templates (number depending on package chosen)